Therapy Dog!

Leela has completed the DELTA Society Pet Partners team screening with me.  It's a real honor to provide Animal Assisted Therapy at places like Johns Hopkins Hospital. CLICK HERE to visit Leela's page and see pictures of her with patients.

I strive to produce friendly, healthy, beautiful, and intelligent Beagle puppies. 
Have fun browsing the site and please contact me with any questions.  
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Temperaments are VERY important to me.  All my pups are handled daily and socialized with kids and adults.  Click Here to read what people have to say about them!
The puppies are started on house-training at an early age.  They get used to relieving themselves outside and sleeping inside. And, wow, what a benefit this is for their new families!  Clients of mine have reported their puppy going to the door to go outside the first day home!

Some preventive measures AVK takes to insure the health of all the pups:
The puppies' living quarters are cleaned daily and sanitized on a regular basis. I do not allow any customers to visit the puppies until they are around six weeks old.  This is because puppies have fragile immune systems that aren't quite up to handling any germs new visitors might track in and I also don't want to put undue stress on the mother.  However, the pups are handled from day one by me, members of my family and select people.  This makes sure they are used to being handled by and interacting with humans at a young age. I follow a very consistent and effective de-worming schedule beginning when the pups are two weeks old.  They will also have their first puppy shot before leaving.
Some of my Beagle's bloodlines include:
FC Rob's Diamond II, FC D Fred’s Sambo, FC Nomad's Buckshot Mr Bill, FC Burdette's Little Darbin, IFC Bungalow Hill Chico, FC Blue Creek Ben, FC Star R Haymaker, FC Venn's Dutch Charlie K, FC John’s Buck VII, FC Jerrys Little Charlie, FC Hillcrest Bear, FC Ward's Boggie Holler Tessie, FC Fam’s Wanna-Win-Sue, FC Seminary Valley Lil Haystack and many more!


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